The Ark

A colossal ark, loaded with hope and faith, led by a man filled with light, leaves behind an ancient world engulfed in darkness, in search of another where light prevails. In its wake, it rides an immense wave that reflects the changing of eras and the wrath of God, while a torch illuminates the path towards a new beginning, offering us the chance to be reborn and create a better future.



Various sketches are produced before arriving at the perfect shape. A final drawing is made to serve as the blueprint and record of the original idea.

Final Draw

The design is a representation of the biblical story of Noah's Ark. Where the final shape symbolizes the great ark atop a gigantic wave, which in turn symbolizes a torch when viewed from the front.

Clay Modeling

Based on the final drawing, a clay sculpture is produced in order to create a three-dimensional model. During this stage, the scale and shape are enhanced, resulting in a stunning organic sculpture.

3D Modeling

Following digitization, the mesh is modeled to address any scanning errors, as well as to add details that were impossible to create on the clay model. Finally, it is textured and presented in a CGI environment.