It's in the solitary and freezing winter where your faith is tested and your path is built,

because abundance only comes to those who have endured the hard times.



There are times when the sun shines and times when it hides, times for planting and times for reaping; times for seeking and times for losing. Just times.


Nature is a work of art designed with the finest detail. Everything is connected to everything, from the hummingbird to the flowers, everything has an important role in the balance of the ecosystem. This supports the idea that we are all one, and the energy of which we are made of connects us with the universe, creating a perfect dance of beauty and harmony.


The artist's primary tool is patience. With it, he molds the natural shape of something with the illusion of turning it into what he longs for, without realizing that the real transformation will occur within himself.


On a dark night, a black mushroom stands out in the gloom. Blue points of light shine on its trunk like a stream of vital energy. The same energy that flows through the Earth, uniting all living beings as one. This mushroom is a reminder that in nature, everything is interconnected and that God is the energy that binds us together.


Let go of everything that doesn't bring you peace, and only associate with those who do. Because peace is the greatest treasure we have been given, and it is the most difficult to preserve.


The moon, the night's queen, moves the earth's energy. It moves the tides and also the vegetation. It is on the night of a full moon when the sap flows to the top of the trees promoting their growth. This makes us think about its energy and symbolism and reminds us that we are all part of something bigger.



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