Heart of Fire

From the beginning of time, the discovery of fire has propelled our evolution as human beings, affecting the food we eat, the tools we use, and even the way we see and relate to each other. But the biggest change comes when we discover the fire in our hearts, that wonderful flame that guides our actions and leads us along the path of intuition. It is with this fire that we can change the world.



Original drawing of the masterpiece, which represents the flame that we all carry in our hearts.

Clay Modeling

Based on the final drawing, a clay sculpture is produced in order to create a three-dimensional model. During this stage, the scale and shape are enhanced, resulting in a stunning organic sculpture.

Music Production

The first CICHERO sculpture to feature a background music track that has been specially produced for this piece.


The track was released on various digital platforms and was available to everyone in stores like Apple Music, Spotify, TikTok, etc.